What is the User Consent feature of Intel® AMT?
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User Consent is one of the distinguishing differences between Admin Control Mode (ACM) and Client Control Mode (CCM).

If you need to configure a device in Admin Control Mode, follow this guide.

The User Consent feature adds another level of security for remote users. When redirection, a User Consent code must be submitted.

Accessing an Intel AMT device via the Intel® KVM Remote Control feature is considered a redirection operation. On the other hand performing actions such as remote power management doesn’t redirect data, so the technician doesn’t need a code or further authentication beyond the typical AMT authentication.

The User Consent code appears on the client-side as a sprite on the Intel AMT device’s display. This sprite is generated by the Intel® GPU and is not available to the OS, so this is very secured. This is a 6-digit code that the technician will use when making the connection requiring the consent, such as an Intel KVM connection:

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