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Change User Consent State
Change User Consent State

Enable or disable the User Consent code for AMT

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You can change the User Consent state for a managed computer, in order for a six digits code to be required when the administrator tries to connect to it through KVM using Boardgent. (To learn how to execute actions, go to the following link).

If you configured the device in Admin Control Mode (ACM), you will be able to change the User Consent to:

  • Not required: The device will not ask for the User Consent anymore.

  • Required only for KVM: The device will request the User Consent when you try to connect through KVM, but it will not ask for the User Consent for the other actions.

  • Required for all operations: The device will request the User Consent for all advanced actions.

If an option is disabled at the moment of executing this action, it means that the device(s) has already that User Consent state.

For doing that you need to have your device configure in Admin Control Mode (ACM), please check this guide for doing that.

Supported on:

  • Windows (Windows 7 or higher)

  • Linux - (Ubuntu 16.04 or later)


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