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Execute Actions in Boardgent
Execute Actions in Boardgent
You will learn to execute Boardgent actions on your computers with its different options.
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if you want to execute an action for several devices you must first select them

After selecting them you must press the button that is activated at the top

In case you want to delete the selection and have selected several devices, you can clear the selection with the following button

To execute the action on a single computer, simply select it by clicking on its name (be sure you have a role to do this, in case you do not have an authorization, contact the administrator)

and you just have to click on the top button called "Start Execution"

In this case, the happy client will execute an action of

shutdown to shut down your computer

If you want to turn off your device only when it is not active, you must uncheck the box

in case of canceling the execution, you must click on "cancel", and in case of executing the action you must click on "run".

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