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How to set a BIOS password in a Dell device?
How to set a BIOS password in a Dell device?

Procedure to set BIOS password in Dell PCs

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Due to technical limitations, you need to manually configure a password in the BIOS of Dell devices before Boardgent can manage it. This procedure is required only one time. After the first time, Boardgent will centrally change the BIOS password for you.

This procedure can have changes between each model of Dell.

Step 1

On Dell stations enter the BIOS and go to Security

Step 2

Go to the Admin Password option and set a password

All done! πŸ‘

After establishing a password, click on Apply, this will save the changes. Then when you log in again and want to make a change, you will have to go to Security - Admin Password and Unlock the system

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