You must use the Delegate Control feature in Active Directory to configure the necessary permissions on the organizational unit that will allow Boardgent to store the values in the custom attributes. Follow the instructions below:

  • In the Active Directory Users and Computers console, we locate the organizational unit that will have permission to write to the Boardgent attributes, click on Delegate Control.

  • Under Selected users and groups, click on add and select the SELF account, then click on Next.

  • In the option: Tasks to Delegate, select Create a custom task to delegate then click on Next.

  • In the Active Directory Object Type window, select Only the following objects in the folder, locate and select Computer objects, then click Next.

  • In the Permissions option, select General and Property-specific, in the list search and select the Read All Properties option.

  • For each Boardgent attribute we look for the writing and reading option. choose them and then click on Next.

  • In the last window, click on the Finish button. Boardgent can now write the values in custom attributes.

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