For Boardgent to store values such as passwords, expiration dates, and Bitlocker recovery keys, you must assign custom attributes to the computer object within its Active Directory.

Step 1

You must activate the visualization of the console schema, to do this, run a CMD window with administrative privileges, within the domain controller.

Step 2

Enter the following command in the CMD window: regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll, and then click OK.

Step 3

Then start a Microsoft administration console, press the start button and type mmc in the search box, press Enter. Click Yes in the confirmation window of the user account control.

Step 4

In this console select the File option in the top menu, select the Add or remove Snap-ins option. There, look for the Snap-in Active Directory Schema, select it and click on Add, then click on Ok.

Step 5

Once there, expand the Active Directory Schema item and select the Classes folder. Within that list look for the Computer object, right click on it and select the properties option:

Step 6

Go to the Attributes tab and add the custom attributes of Boardgent

Step 7

Verify that inside the computer object, you can see the attributes, do it using Active Directory Users and Computers Console.


For the Bitlocker scenario the custom attributes that you must add in the computer object are: msFVE-RecoveryGuid y msFVE-RecoveryPassword

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