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Aprende a diferenciar y ver el estado de tu dispositivo desde Boardgent de la tecnologia AMT.

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AMT states

At AMT we handle all AMT states, which we will explain to you right away:

Not supported:

This status appears when the device does not have AMT technology.

Not provisioned:

This status appears when the AMT technology of a device has not yet been provided, this means that it has the technology but has not yet been configured, to provision it, you simply must select the device you want to provision, and execute the following action: (to learn How to execute an action in Boardgent go to the following link).

Boardgent will take care of the rest πŸ˜‰.


This appears when the AMT technology is disconnected, and it will not be possible to execute AMT actions on the device.


This status appears in case the AMT technology is trying to connect to Boardgent.


With this state, you can execute the AMT actions on the device, since it is provisioned, and configured correctly.

Unknown credentials:

It is a state that appears in Boardgent when a device's AMT technology is active, but Boardgent does not have access to it.

That could happen because Intel vPro AMT was provisioned using another method instead of using Boardgent.

For example: AMT was provisioned using System Center (configuration manager) or manually using the computer's BIOS. To change this status, access the following link.

Connection error:

In case Boardgent has failed to connect successfully with the device's AMT technology, the "Connection error" status will appear, and AMT actions cannot be performed on the device.

CIRA not supported:

This status will appear in case CIRA is not supported by the device's AMT technology.

Boardgent MPS Server not configured:

This status occurs in case the Boardgent MPS server configuration has not been done yet.

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