Using Environment Detection Domains, you can use Boardgent together with on-premise AMT consoles. You can use a traditional console when the device is in your local area network and only use Boardgent when the method is outside: on the Internet.

These domains help Intel® AMT to know when a local management server is available.  If there are no local servers available, the device will connect to the Boardgent Cloud.

To configure your company environment detection domains you should click on your company name at the top-right corner and then click on Company Settings, here you can add up to 3 domain names, when you have added your domains you should click on Save to save your changes and update the company configuration in all your devices of the company.

Remember that a valid domain name doesn't contain protocol connection at the beginning ( E.g. or paths after the domain ( E.g., examples of a valid domain name are: or

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