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Where are the Boardgent servers located?
Where are the Boardgent servers located?

Servers location and CDN

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You can run Boardgent on-premise or use directly from When you run it from our cloud on, we manage everything thing from you.

The backend runs in redundant and secured data centers in New York City, United States. 

We also use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host the most used resources. Thus, when a device needs to access our cloud, it does not necessarily have to go to New York City, it connects to local data centers near its geographical location. This is one of the reasons why Boardgent is so fast !! ✨ ✨ 

We currently have points of presence (PoP) in 180 cities around the world.

We have local servers in North America (the United States and Canada), Latin America & the Caribbean (Latam), Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Mainland China, and Oceania.

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