When you want to remove a device you should uninstall the agent and remove the device from Boardgent.

1. Uninstall the Boardgent agent

If you are in follow this steps Windows

Open a Command Prompt with administrative privileges, go to the Boardgent Service installation path and run the uninstall command.

In a 64 bits system run:

cd C:\Program Files\Tulpep\Vtul
vtulagent.exe uninstall

In a 32 bits system run:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Tulpep\Vtul
vtulagent.exe uninstall

This will remove the service and files from your system.

If you are in Mac OS follow this steps

Open a Terminal and run

sudo /Library/Vtul/com.tulpep.vtul.agent uninstall

This command will totally uninstall the Boardgent Agent from your device.

2. Remove the device from Boardgent App

If after removing the service you also want to remove the device from the Boardgent interface go to the device details and click "Remove this device from Boardgent".

Tip: You should remove the Boardgent Agent as described in the Step 1 before remove it from the web interface. If the agent keeps installed in your computer, and connects to the Boardgent Cloud, it will appear again in the website.

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