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How to enable and configure Boot Order in Boardgent?
How to enable and configure Boot Order in Boardgent?
This feature controls the options of how the operating system starts.
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Feature configuration

Pre requirements

To be able to use the functionality of the feature, you must have a series of prerequisites, among which are:

  • Implementation of group policies

  • Extension of the scheme

  • Security permits

  • Service at stations

Configuration of the Boot Order feature

To be able to use the feature, follow these steps:

Enable the Manage BIOS and UEFI group directory policy; this feature allows the tool to capture the Boot Order settings by brand

  • Keep in mind that, to capture these options, Boardgent only does it when the machine is restarted, when the configurations were captured, they can be consulted from the attributes.

  • Since you have the boot settings, we proceed to enable the policy by the brand that controls the Boot Order

  • If you want to set as the boot in the Boot Order only the SATA disk must configure this value in the group policy options; it should be mentioned that for the station to take proper control of the Boot Order, the directive must stipulate the name which appears in the attributes

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