How to use Scan Network

Scan devices with Boardgent Network Scanner in a LAN

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These are the steps to scan a device using Scan Network method.

Before Start

In the Scan Network view, we can see different components that we are going to explain:

  • In the IP range card, we will create the IP address ranges where Boardgent Network Scanner will scan for active devices.

  • Between the cards is the Add button that will add a new IP address range to the IP scopes to scan.

  • In the IP Scopes to scan card, we will see all the IP address ranges we have created and we can remove a range if it is necessary.

  • At the bottom of the view is the scan button that will take you to the next step.

Scan Devices

1. In the IP range card, put in Start IP field the IP address from where do you want to start the scan and put in End IP field the IP address where do you want to stop the scan.

You can press the button "Use current subnetwork" to auto-fill out the Start IP and End IP fields to scan all your subnetwork.

You can put the same IP address in the Start IP field and the End IP field to scan only that IP address.

2. Press the add button that is in between the cards to add the range you have created.

3. Repeat steps one and two until you have added all the IP address ranges where do you want to scan, and then press the button "Scan" at the bottom of the view.

If you want to remove an IP address range, you can do it pressing the button "Remove" that is at the right side of the range you want to remove.

4. Add the local credentials and the Intel® AMT credentials of the devices that are in the ranges you have created and press the "Start" button.

This guide can help you, how to add device credentials.

After press the "Start" button, Boardgent Network Scanner will start to scan active devices in the selected IP address ranges, when Boardgent Network Scanner ends, will display all the devices found and their information.

Be patient, this process could take a long time depending on the number of devices to scan.

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