1. Select the devices that you want to provision or unprovision.

2. Press the "HBC" button to provision the selected devices or press the "Unprovision" button to unprovision the selected devices.

Provision action will provision only not configured devices, this action will do nothing with configured devices, to provision a device Boardgent Network Scanner will request you a password, as shown in the picture, that will be the admin password of Intel® AMT of the device.

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Unprovision action will unprovision only configured devices, this action will do nothing with not configured devices, if your provisioned device is Admin Control Mode you will need to provide the admin password of Intel® AMT. If the provisioned device is in Client Control Mode or Enterprise Mode, you wouldn't need to provide a password.

Note: The password required for unprovision and provision must be between 8-32 characters, with a minimum of one of each of these:

  • Passwords defined must be between 8-32 characters.

  • A number

  • A special character

  • A lowercase Latin letter

  • An uppercase Latin letter.

If there are no selected devices to provision or unprovision, the button of that action will be disabled.

3. Wait until the result message appears on the top of the screen, the new AMT status will be updated automatically on the table.

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