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Update Location

If you want to force the update of the geolocation of a device you can run this action.

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This action updates the current geolocation of a device. You don't need to run it manually, it runs automatically every hour. We don't run it more often for saving battery life. (To learn how to execute actions, go to the following link).

If you want to force the update of the geolocation of a device you can run this action.

Boardgent uses several technologies to give you the most accurate possible location for each device. These are the supported methods:

Geolocation methods

  • Wi-Fi positioning system: If the device has Wi-Fi o any wireless network card, Boardgent uses the characteristics of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and other wireless access points to discover the location.  For doing that we process the wireless information with Microsoft APIS and Google APIS, and use the more accurate result for a device-specific location. You will get a precision of about 20 meters.

  • Based on near computers: When a computer doesn't have a reliable method to obtain its location as GPS or Wi-Fi, but there are other devices in the same network connected to Boardgent, it will use those devices to calculate a reliable location.

  • IP Geolocation: Boardgent will use the public IP Address of the device to guess its location. You will get the precision of kilometers. If this is the method used, Latitude and Longitude are often near the center of the population.  Values of this method are not precise and should not be used to identify a particular address or household.

Supported on:

  • Windows (Windows 7 or higher)

  • Mac - (Mac OS 10.13 or higher)

  • Linux - (Ubuntu 16.04 or later)

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