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Install the Boardgent Agent ๐Ÿš€
Install the Boardgent Agent ๐Ÿš€
How to install the Boardgent Agent in a new device
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Install the Boardgent Agent is quick and easy and is the first step to start managing your device.

You have two options to get your device connected to Boardgent:

Option 1: Get your Self-Install URLย 

You can send a self-install URL to your company users, so when they visit that URL, they will get an auto-generated agent appropriated for their device.ย 

This is useful for scenarios where you want your users to be able to install the Boardgent agent for themselves wherever they are.

Your users will only need to execute it to connect their devices to Boardgent.

Option 2: Advanced Installation

This option is useful for scenarios where you want to distribute the Boardgent agent centrally in your corporate network, using some distribution system already implemented, such as the Active Directory GPOs, Microsoft SCCM, Aranda, Altiris, etc.

Go through the following steps if you want to choose this way:ย 

Step 1: Download the Boardgent Agent

Download the latest agent for your system architecture from your Vtul Dashboard, clicking on the Download tab.

2. Get your company secret tokenย 

Your secret company will authenticate your devices in your Boardgent company. Go to the Vtul Dashboard, click on the Download tab, and the select Copy Token. Now that token is already copied to your clipboard.

3. Run the installation command

Open a Command Prompt with administrative privilege.

Run :

VtulAgentSetupName install CompanySecretTokenCopied

You will see a result like this:

Congratulations, now can see your device in Vtul!! ๐Ÿ‘ย 

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