Boardgent is the next experience in device management, an affordable platform to operate Windows and Intel® vPro AMT environments.

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Boardgent is a cloud-based solution
There’s no need to worry about IT infrastructure and licensing; we drive the complexity for you. You only need a web browser

Out-of-band management
Boardgent interacts directly with the motherboard using Intel® vPro AMT, allowing remote remediation of urgent issues - even if the device is powered off or the operating system isn’t booting.

Hardware and software inventory
Boardgent gives you detailed information about every hardware component installed on your devices and a reliable source of information about the software installed across your company.

Device geolocation
Track and locate your devices or find stolen ones in real-time.

Remote control
Fix a blue screen, support your users, install a program, and take full control of your devices.

Bulk Actions
Install Windows Updates, refresh Active Directory group policies, run custom scripts, and execute simultaneous actions in several devices.

Advanced power management
Turn on and off your devices remotely. Reduce travel and energy costs to optimize your operation.

Persistent event logs
Every action executed in your devices and its results will be recorded in 3 places:  the cloud, the PCs, and the motherboard.

Freeze Windows OS
Protect your PCs from unwanted changes made by users. Restore them to the ideal state in every restart.

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